Get A Promotion & Related Issues

When will I get promotion as per astrology

Is this a question that is stirring your confidence? well astrology has a solution for it.Life is all about changes and variations.Transfer and promotion in a job is an excellent chance to chase boredom.

In Astrology Success and unsuccessful depend on planet’s position in your horoscope. If your planets positions are favorable and you do work accordingly result will come positive. If your planets are favorable but you doesn’t work according to the nature of the planet’s result should not come favorable. If planets positions are unfavorable and you do hard labor result will not come favorable.

A promotion is also on the cards when the Lords of Ascendant, ninth house and tenth house are in conjunction in eleventh or second house, and the Lord of sixth house is in center house.In both condition which planets Mahadasha and Antardasha are going on? If promotional Dasha and transit both are favorable than sure you will get promotion if not favorable you will not get it. Through astrological analysis of horoscope we can also find out the time of promotion in the job of an individual. The role of Mahadasha, Antardasha and planets transits are most important for timing of promotion.We can give you some astrological combination for promotion and prosperity. This combination will help an individual to analysis of their horoscope.

  • Whether a person can enjoy and celebrate its job this year as a mark of milestone or not.
  • Whether one can expect the unexpected in jobs or remain monotonous.
  • Whether effect of labor market remains steadily consistent or fluctuating.
  • Whether relation with the employer will make the employee happy or it will get sour.
  • Whether relation with the co-workers or colleagues will remain friendly or inimical.
  • Whether one has to face enmity or sabotage in job or employment field.
  • Whether one will get promotion in job or demotion may have to digest.
  • Possibility of transfer or distant posting in the employment field may arise or not.
  • Whether one gets new assignment in a business organization or travel related company and excel.
  • Whether salary, parks and benefits will escalate and bring satisfaction in job.
  • Whether one will get opportunity of employment in the Government or in private sector.

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