Infertility and Childbirth Issues

In any culture, Marriage is only considered successful if there is a childbirth in the family. In Astrology, we have to check for a couple’s power of reproduction to promise childbirth.Strength of a man to make a woman pregnant depends upon the strength of Sun in his natal chart and strength of Semen depends upon powerful Venus.

  • Physical reasons – these are known to many and people can refer to their doctors for help.
  • Spiritual – the reason is one’s past life (lives); there may have been some karma from past life which has caused one to suffer in this life.

In general, the sins we commit, leave an imprint on our soul and those sinful acts therefore make us suffer in the given life and also future lives. In terms of children, the penance for those sins can be that one does not beget any children or if one does, then is unable to have cordial relations with them.

So, if one gets to know that one may have done some sinful acts in past lives and wholeheartedly does penance for them, then God does listen and helps one get a child. Astrological – If the 5th, 9th, and 11th houses are weak, then one does not get the joy of children, or the joy is limited as the children may be sick most of the time. So it’s important to strengthen these houses. If not, then such children can be very weak physically or mentally. They may problems due to vata, pitta, or kapha (tridosha) – like hyperactivity, weak spine, bad eyesight, concentration and memory issues, anger and irritation, too inclined towards friends while ignoring family.

The main reason for vata, pitta, kapha problems in children is the existence of those problems in their parents. If the kundali milan of the 5th house of the man and woman is done properly, then the many causes of conception problems can be overcome easily. So if the 5th house is weak in a man, then he should marry someone whose 5th house is strong and vice versa.

if there is pitru dosha then there would be delay in childbirth. If the couple has Sun dosh then there will be delay in birth of child.When Jupiter and Mars don’t match, then the man and fluids don’t match up well, despite there being nothing wrong medically. When a man’s Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Shani are negative and affect the 5th, 6th, and 7th house then this will cause grave problems in conception – not because of the man, but due to medical science. This will cause some biological problems, which will cause the sperm count and quality to be low. Some planet being of neecha or some yuti, is not considered negative. For a planet to be negative, the planet has to be strong and has to cause weakness to a house. A man’s kapha should not be negatively affected. A weak Venus of a man can cause conception problems in women. Hence, it’s important to get rid of kapha-dosha as soon as possible even in a little boy as it can have repercussions at a later age. A negative Mars, Jupiter, and Venus will cause one to eat some odd kinds of foods that will cause antibodies in the body which will not allow conception. These will also cause one to catch some infection, cause a bad lifestyle, or make one addicted to substances or alcohol. All of these will decrease the ability to conceive. A proof of this can be seen a lot in children nowadays, who have a lot of immunity related problems.

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