Job Related Issues

Life is very simple. But we make it complicated. Life is beautiful. But it needs open eyes to observe it. Life gives solutions, but an open mind is required to see it. There are mysteries beyond human mind.

Can Job Astrology Help You?

Job astrology or employment astrology deals with work of Zodiac nativities.The most familiar methods of Astrology focus the planets responsible for employment of different Sun sign. The tenth house in a horoscope is responsible for employment in a Zodiac native. Thus, any planet can play the same role. Any planet can influence opportunity for employment , provided it is being influenced by the tenth Lord of a horoscope. Position of tenth lord in the ninth house increases international placement in some foreign land.

10th house depicts your career and professional life.Study of various positions of planets can open an opportunity door to you.Saturn plays most an important role concerning Job or service related since Lord Shani Bhagwan is “Significator of Job”.On other end adversely placed Saturn in the chart will be delay and obstruction in service /career. Placement of Rahu and Ketu in 10 th house is also an malefic effect.

Career focused people are more competitive and challenging.With help of astrology one can predict and reduce the malefic effects of the planets.Career and Job astrology can also predict how much a person can achieve the altitude they wished for.We can also predict his/her work nature and field.An intelligent kid is not always a successful.Astrology can answer your questions and professional wellness.

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