Casting the Natal Horoscope

For accuracy in astrological predictions it is necessary to have the right date of birth and time of birth. But even if you do not have these as a good astrologer in Chennai I can find the right time and date of birth as per the nature of your body and your character. Based on these I can cast your horoscope with all Yogams and Doshams and give you the best type of Pariharams to always get good results in your life.

Predicting Health with Astrology

During my long practice of astrology as one of the best Astrologers in Chennai I specially concentrate on Astrology for medical and health aspects of your life. I can analyze and find the real health problems you are suffering and find out the ways for recovering from them completely. Besides this I can give you the right ways of preventing the diseases affecting the life of you and your family.


In my long years of Astrological practice I strongly believe that for getting all the prosperity and good things in your life it is necessary that you have the right type of planetary strength as well as the power of good Numerological combination. To achieve this as a good astrologer in Chennai I analyze your horoscope find out the strength and weakness of the Planets in it and suggest suitable changes in your numerological numbers and change your name to suit this to get continuous success in your life.

Higher Education Prospects

By carefully studying and analyzing your horoscope I can easily predict which type of education is good for you and give you the right type of career for getting all the success in your life. I being one of the best astrologers in Chennai can also find out the real reasons for poor performance in the educational field and give out suitable remedies so that your children can do well in their studies.

Know More about Your Career

Getting into the right type of career is very important for final settlement in life and if you are concerned about not getting a job or the one you are in is not good for you I as your astrologer in Chennai can give the right suggestions and remedies to get good advancements in your career.

Marriage Prediction

In case you are facing problems in getting married or getting good matches for your son or daughter due to problems in horoscope I as one of the best astrologers in Chennai will give suitable precautionary and remedial measures that are to be taken for getting quick marriage and get the best possible life partner.

Marriage Matching

This is one of the best services available from me and while match making I verify the horoscope of both the bride and the bridegroom for all types Doshams, Dasa puthi periods, longevity, child birth, health, character and all other related matters to find the best and most suitable pair for your son or daughter.

Vaastu – Improve your Home or Office

Vasthu rectification is one of my favorite subjects and I as a notable astrologer in Chennai can analyze your building plans or inspect your buildings and give suitable remedial modifications required in them for 100% compliance with traditional Vasthu principles for getting all the happiness and prosperity through your new as well as existing buildings and structures.

The hidden Power of Planetary Gemstones

By using the principles of Gemology I verify your horoscope to find out the negative aspects and the weakness of the Planets first and then give my suggestions as to the right Gems you have to wear to get over the weaknesses. I as one of the best astrologers in Chennai also give the suitable ways for recovering from your problems by suggesting the lucky Gems to enhance your luck and prosperity.

Business Astrology Consultations

When you need to find the ways for finding the improvements in Business promotion through Astrological means I as your astrologer in Chennai can suggest suitable Pariharams and temple visits and wearing of right Gems to get the desired level of business success and prosperity throughout your life.

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